Executive Coaching

Successful people become great leaders when they learn to shift focus from themselves to others. They recognize the strength is in empowering their team. There is a multifaceted benefit of executive coaching to organizations and individuals as both are positively affected. Coaching helps an individual to discover their true potential which helps teams to perform better. We have a team of coaches credentialled by International Coaching Federation (ICF) and Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching.


Here’s what you can expect with our Executive Coaching Service:


We help C-suite and other senior level executives to understand who they are, to recognize where their beliefs and patterns of behavior are impacting their leadership.

We develop goals to adjust the beliefs and actions that are holding them back.

We create an actionable plan to achieve strategic goals for a strong leadership outcome.


From there, we help them create a development path that will steer clear of their most likely pitfalls.

For Corporates

SkillPrism Executive Coaching Services for Individuals will provide solutions to:

  • Cater to the demands of ongoing cataclysmic change with nimble, engaging, and proactive leaders,
  • Equip leaders with the competencies and skills to achieve your organization’s strategic goals,
  •  Top talent retention,
  • Assimilate new leaders with their teams,
  •  Prepare executives for challenging new assignments,
  • Equip leaders to lead global and diverse teams,
  • Empower leaders to unlock the full potential of their teams.

For Individuals

SkillPrism Executive coaching offers following solutions:

Increases performance at work place and overall wellbeing,

Unlocks hidden potentials and make sustainable behavioural changes,

Lifts level of engagement,

Helps in  career transition,

Equips leaders with skills and competencies to achieve your goals,

Enables leaders to empower teams to acheive higher goals.

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