SkillPrism Leadership Accelerator

Leadership Accelerator Program

The program has been designed to make the leaders as self-aware and confident people adept at managing teams for hight performance with a global mindset and the skill and knowledge to manage the business in today's fast changing context.


Programme Objectives

The program has been designed for the leaders at all level

  • Help participants understand the core functional areas of management
  • Prepare leaders with skills and knowledge to excel in their current/future roles and evolving responsibilities.


Who should attend?

The programme is designed for leaders driven by a keen desire to learn, understand, and apply the principles of managment. Existing leaders or to be leaders or taking up and entrepreneurial venture will benefit from the programme.



We will use case studies, discussions, guest lectures, exercises and presentations.



Level 1

Price 30000
GST 18 %
GST Amount 5400
Net Price


Level 2

Price 40000
GST 18 %
GST Amount 7200
Net Price


Level 3

Price 50000
GST 18 %
GST Amount 9000
Net Price


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